Class Timetable

During the COVID-19 crisis we migrated all our classes to the online environment of Zoom. As restrictions eased we brought classes back to the studio, but are also keeping our online presence. If it becomes necessary we will return to offering everything online again.

For IN PERSON classes

  • You must book in as places are very limited
  • You must bring all your own equipment
  • No-shows will be charged
  • See further instructions below

Here are suggestions for attending ONLINE 

Get your gear together and set yourself up nice and early, perhaps 15 to 20 mins prior to the class. In our classes we sometimes suggest blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets, so have tings to hand, finding substitutes if you do not have the actual yoga gear. The ideal is for your camera to be angled so that you can be seen when you re working on the mat.

Many people are finding that if they can set up a second screen, for example their TV, whether that is by wireless means or with a cable, It means that they can watch the teacher on one screen (e.g. the TV) and angle the camera into the perfect position for the teacher to see them. This is ideal.

Please book into your class in the usual way. Make sure that your MindBody profile with us is set to receive all emails. Look for the booking confirmation email to get the link.

Having trouble booking?

It might be an incompatible browser. Try changing your browser.  Chrome usually works well.

For health and safety at IN PERSON classes

  • Do not attend if you are unwell
  • You must supply your own equipment, we cannot loan equipment
  • There are no hydration stations - bring a full waterbottle
  • Observe all social distancing protocols
  • Be especially careful not to crowd reception and ladies loo
  • Use only allocated mat spaces
  • Clean your "plot" after class with product supplied and according to instructions

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